Mayan Tomb WIP

Markus pichler screenshot00048


Markus pichler wip03
Markus pichler wip04
Markus pichler screenshotwip2

Trim Sheet Texturing, WIP

Markus pichler screenshot00013

Third Trim Sheet

Markus pichler mayantomb conceptart version02

My Concept for the scene


Markus pichler comp2


Markus pichler comp3


Markus pichler comp1


Mayan Tomb WIP


I create this scene with the Mentor Billy Matjiunis from the Mentor Coalition.
It will be finished in about 3 weeks.

First I thought about a concept for the Scene (I used Maya to blockout quickly some shapes and Toolbag to light the scene, subsequently I created a paintover with Photoshop and some images I found on google), then I blocked out a greybox level in Unreal Engine.
Then we thought about how we can create a modular piece set for this scene. Creating trim sheets is a huge time saver, since I can cover more than 70% of the whole scene only using trim sheets.
I will go on with creating all other assets doing unique UV's and using decals within Unreal to break the repetition. Also will add foliage and other props (skulls...) to make the scene more interesting...

More will follow soon.